Needham Ranch Industrial Park

Client: Oltmans Construction

Location: Newhall, CA

Project Type: Grading

Description: For this ambitious project, C. A. Rasmussen, Inc. was selected to grade the mountainous site and create building pads to accommodate eight industrial buildings. More that 4 million cubic yards of dirt was moved within a 12-month period. Three major milestones made progress on the project move quickly, with three building pads required to be completed by the fifth month of work. Operators worked on a 1:1 slope grade to take a mountain down by 100 feet. The 148-acre project became home to a segment of Rasmussen’s heavy equipment fleet, putting to work eight 657 scrapers, eight 651 scrapers, two D10 dozers, two D9s, two D8 and two smaller John Deere dozers. More than 4,500 gallons of fuel were consumed daily on the job.