I-5 and Western Avenue Ramps and Retaining Walls

Client: Caltrans

Location: Glendale

Project Type: Highways

Description: The modification of on- and off-ramps at Western Avenue along the northbound Interstate 5 was built to relieve traffic congestion in the area, which is home to several entertainment companies, including Walt Disney Co. and ABC-7. The ramps were relocated to flow onto Flower Street rather than Western Avenue. The new off-ramp was constructed to widen from two to four lanes of traffic. Other work on the project included construction of retaining walls, utility relocation, and existing buildings being vacated and demolished before construction could begin. For its ability to work closely with Caltrans, subcontractors and neighboring businesses on this project, C. A. Rasmussen, Inc. was a gold level winner for the 2013 Caltrans Excellence in Partnering Awards.