Route 33 Rock Weir System

Project Name: Route 33 Rock Weir System

Project Type: Bridges and Structures

Status: Completed

Location: Santa Paula

Owner: Caltrans

Description: The Hwy 150 rock weir job was a fish ladder built from rip rap to restore Steelhead migration up Santa Paula Creek. The first season of work saw many delays as Caltrans redesigned the diversion system. Originally planned to be staked to the ground, the redesign called for the 3-foot diversion pipe to be hung from large chains attached to rock bolts drilled into the cliff. The project included 7,000 tons of Class 3 permeable base; 7,900 tons of 2-ton rip rap; and 2,700 tons of 6-ton rock weirs.

Route 33 Rock Weir System

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